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Understanding Your Audience Marketing plan sample & Their Needs

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In my previous post we talked about how profitable affiliate marketing can be, and this week we're going to start talking about how to make it profitable by understanding your audience and their needs. That's right, you don't even start choosing products to promote until you know who your audience is, what problems they have, and what solutions you can find for them.

Let's get to it.

No matter what type of product / service you want to promote it's imperative that you understand who your audience is, and what makes them tick. In fact, the beginning of any type of business is to find out who your audience is and get to know their desires, wants, and needs. Find out what problems they have, then look for ways to solve them. If you can offer solutions to your audience you'll do a much better job at promoting any type of product or service. It will be the answer to their prayers.

Once you know your audience you'll have a better understanding of how to speak to them and write for them. You'll understand them so well that they will feel like they know you and they'll realize that you are also committed to providing them products and services that they not only want, but truly need. Not only that, they'll quickly realize that you're a real person, and one that they can count on and trust.


Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to earn money. Real money that you can pay your bills with, go vacation with, and maybe even buy your wife (or husband) something really special with. But, the real money won't come unless you truly understand who your audience is and what they need.

In order to get to know your audience:

Start with what you know — Most of the time it will be easier for you to market to an audience you already know. You can be in your own market. If you found a problem and solved it for people just like you, that's a great place to start. However, if you've found a solution to an audience outside your own demographics for which you're passionate about that can work too.

Research what you want to know — Even if you want to move outside of your comfort zone to an entirely new market unfamiliar to yourself and what you already know you can do market research to find a target audience. In fact, even if your market consists of people like you, you should still do research. Our own experiences are subjective, so you need some objective information to ensure that you really do know that audience.

Determine audience demographics — You should be able to, through market research, pinpoint the age, gender, income, education and marital status of your ideal audience. If you can't, you don't know enough about your audience to start marketing yet. Keep researching.

Ascertain audience lifestyle — Values and lifestyle are super important for you to understand about your target audience so that you can find products and services that solve problems that they have in which they can afford to purchase. It's also important to know how they form their opinions and get their information and whether they are early adopters, or slow responders.

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Create a customer profile — Once you have completed your market research, you should then be able to create a customer profile. Just create a profile of one customer that you will write and create all of your marketing material for. It's so much easier if you give that one person a job, an income level, and even a name and assign them children if that is your target market. This fake persona or prototype will be the person for whom you write all advertising copy, all blog posts, all social media comments and so forth.

Examine and grow — Like with all things Internet and technology, things change. People change, and society changes. Continuously examine and monitor your target audience so that you can change your marketing efforts (and product and service offerings) as they change.

Only with proper market research can you determine who your audience is, and finally, what they need. You're only going to choose affiliate products that solve problems for your target audience, and once you do that, you'll start making more money than you ever thought possible.

Think about your audience. Who are they, what do they do, and what do they really want and need?

Next week we're going to talk about why you need to have a mailing list as an affiliate marketer. Don't miss out.


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Is Affiliate Marketing Website Still An Effective Way To Making Money Online?

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X0CYLUO8E0 Affiliate marketing

I told you that I'd be back this week to start our discussion about affiliate marketing. The first thing I want to talk to you about is whether or not affiliate marketing is still an effective way to earn money.

You've probably heard that some states have been banned from becoming affiliates for companies like Amazon.

As of the time of this writing, the states that are banned by Amazon are:

North Carolina
Rhode Island

I won't get into the tax laws because it is just too complicated (and convoluted) but rest assured that there are plenty of other affiliate programs that you can join even if you live in one of the states mentioned above. The key is that Amazon is a registered business in the states above so that makes them libel for paying sales tax in those states if an affiliate also promotes the products in the same state and they don't want to.


But the truth is, most people who have affiliate programs aren't big corporations. They are people like you and me who created a product and want other people to promote it. What's more, you're likely to make a lot more money promoting products from individuals who are not part of a super large corporation like Amazon, anyway. So, this should not affect you at all. You can still become an affiliate marketer and probably become even more successful by not wasting your time with low profit margins offered by huge corporations.

So the answer to the question is an inequitable yes. Absolutely. It's a great time to become an affiliate marketer. While in the old days, it was probably a lot simpler to throw up a mini site and promote products you never used, intended to use, or cared about — today affiliate marketing requires a whole lot more effort and honesty on your part — to me this makes it an even better time than ever to embark on affiliate marketing as a career.

You can be proud that you're an affiliate marketer, a career that requires advanced marketing skills and knowledge of your audience including their needs and desires. Plus a high dose of honesty and integrity. To be a great affiliate marketer you'll need to learn the ins and outs of online marketing and that's what I want to talk to you about in the coming weeks.


If you really want to become an affiliate marketer who makes enough money to quit your day job, you can. But, please, don't quit your job right now. No, you can start this on a very part time basis and given time, effort and commitment work your way up to earning six figures plus. That's right. The amount of money you can make with affiliate marketing is truly unlimited. You write your own ticket, give yourself raises when you want to, and you will see a return equal to your efforts.

If you want to make money promoting other people's products and / or services and make a commission on every sale there are so many opportunities that I could never list them all. It wouldn't matter if I did anyway because you should promote products and / or services that are unique to your target audience.

You'll need to learn how to develop a traffic generating websites, build content that speaks directly to your target audience while bringing in targeted traffic as well as builds relationships with your customers enough that they trust and follow your recommendations of what products they need to purchase.

In the next post we’ll talk about how to understand your audience and their needs.

If you’ve ever purchased a product online shopping rights

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If you've ever purchased a product online, chances are the product was either an affiliate product – where the site you found the product listed was actually a 3rd party person promoting the product – or it was the website's own product, but one that you could become an affiliate of and promote it yourself.

Affiliate marketing is very popular on the Internet. It's a way to promote other people's products for a commission. From the product creators perspective, it's great to have an army of affiliates going out promoting and selling your products, and from the affiliate marketer's perspective it's great to make money promoting a product that you didn't have to create.

I'm going to let our guest blogger, Troy McDaniel, tell you more about affiliate marketing and how you can make money becoming an affiliate marketer.

Hello and thank you for the awesome welcome. I can't wait to share a ton of information about affiliate marketing with you in the coming weeks.

The topics I'll be covering for you in the next few weeks:

• Is affiliate marketing still an effective way to earn money in 2016?
• Understanding your audience & their needs
• Why having a mailing list is important even when you’re an affiliate
• Stop promoting (random) products and start promoting solutions
• Simple strategies for increasing your affiliate income
• Making the most of ad placement locations
• Why tracking clicks & sales is so important
• An important, yet often ignored part of affiliate marketing
• Effective ways to promote products

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's okay. I will do my best to explain everything as the weeks go by. Be sure to sign up for the blog's RSS feed or mailing list if you haven't already so that you don't miss a single blog post. I can't wait to help you learn more about affiliate marketing and how to make it truly work for you.



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