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Conclusion/Final thoughts

By Norberto Mercado

Wow, I can hardly believe we've come to the end of our time together. I have enjoyed telling you what I know about affiliate marketing and I truly hope that it helps you create the kind of business you have always dreamed about.

We've determined that affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. I have talked to you about how to understand your audience, and choose products that solve their problems rather than random products without a point. I've also given you simple strategies to increase your income, and told you how to make the most of ad placement.

I've explained how tracking clicks and sales and studying your metrics is an important part of having a successful affiliate marketing business. I gave you the low down on split-testing and why you need to do it even if you don't think it's fun. After all, making money is fun, and if you do it, you'll make a lot more of it.

I also went over ways to effectively promote affiliate products using what we've learned. I've really enjoyed blogging for you the last few weeks. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you start with just one thing to improve upon what you're doing now you'll see a huge difference in your bottom line.

Take your business seriously, and realize that affiliate marketing is here to stay and is going to be a great way to earn a living for a long time to come.

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For your success,

Norberto Mercado


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